Dee Hibbert Jones and nomi Talisman

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? is a public artwork and interactive sound installation in two exhibitions at ZAIM gallery and Souzoukukan9001 gallery, Yokohama Japan. The work is an emotional map of stories collected from passengers on Yokohama’s blue subway line. Commissioned for Dislocate 08’s International Festival for Art, Technology and Locality in Japan, Sept. 6th -Sept. 21st 2008

Contribute stories at gallery Souzoukukan9001. Check out an MP3 player from ZAIM and travel the subway, or visit the interactive video and sound installation at ZAIM gallery, Yokohama, Japan. Custom electronic components & interface, switches, computer, video projector, MP3 player, plexi-glass panels, saw horses, 25’ x 20'

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