Psychological Prosthetics explores the ways an art object can alter or transform our state of mind. "What if an object could fix your feelings?" is the question posed by Psychological Prosthetics, a sculpture, installation, video and performance project. Drawn from psychology, advertising and contemporary design, the project investigates our desires for normalcy in a "feel good" culture of consumption. Psychological Prosthetics looks at the role of an object in soothing mental states such as sadness, anxiety and shyness.

Exhibitions and performances have taken place, to date, in Basel, Berkeley, London, Paris, Santa Cruz, Southampton (UK) and Tel Aviv. Most recently: a group exhibitions in Yuma (AZ) and The Lab, San Francisco; a presentation at the University of London, a series of events with Feel Tank, Chicago, and another group exhibition at Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago (catalog). Psychological Prosthetics held two training sessions to date - an open one to the public at the LAB, San Francisco, and another with students form the University of Chicago, who went with us to the streets of the city.
Psychological Prosthetics was invited to take place at Subversive Messe Art Fair in Linz, Austria in May 2009 - where we presented a new project - "Consume Your Fear". In November 2009, Consume Your Fear was invited to be part of ARGEKultur Angst Macht Dumm! in Salzburg, Austria.

PP Valise design was created in collaboration with Elyse Hochstadt


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