Dee Hibbert- Jones and Nomi Talisman have been collaborating since 2004 on artwork that engages larger social communities and fine art audiences simultaneously. Our work both individually and collectively explores notions of community, identity, notions of value and personal relationship to public space and public identity, and explores the way in which a culture understands itself, through both it’s past and present. Originally from England and Israel we both currently live in the US (well, San Francisco). Hibbert-Jones works with sculpture, performance and installation. Talisman works with photography, video, new media and installation. Both artists create participatory work that engages audiences in dialog around issues such as consumer culture, communication and our relationship to the past. We have created several projects collaboratively. Our most recent collaborative projects are: Psychological Prosthetics™ , Are We There yet?, To Take a Life When a Life is Lost, and I-140.

Operating Instructions is a collaborative group creating projects that examine systems, social structures, reality and myths, founded by artists Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman. This web site, functions as an umbrella, a roof and a portal to projects that use collective intelligence and collaboration to question norms and explore the status quo.
More text, including bio for artists, reviews and other, soon.


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