Vacant Inventory - A Catalogue of Space
This project examines the theme of waste in relation to landscape, architecture and urban space. The work will explore uses of urban space and ask what makes an area of land in a city waste and to whom? The project invites audience responses either through the website, or through interactive dialogues created on site. We believe community dialog and exchange to be an integral element to this project. We will learn about the area from the locals in order to fully understand the area and its complexities. Vacant inventory looks at un-used, under-used, re-used and used for a different purpose than the original space. We ask the public for their opinions, definitions, recommendations and suggestions, photograph the space and measure it (when possible). Finally we will invite people from area to inhabit these waste spaces for a picnic and discussion. Final project might include, but is not limited to photographs, video, maps, tour guide, documentation of interviews and an installation

• Vacant Inventory's first activities will take place in San Francisco and in Tabor, The Czech Republic (map of Tabor and our plan of action - PDF)>>

•Vacant Inventory Video clip

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